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Hi. I'm comedian Geoff MacKay.

But you can call me iGeoff. For years, I would plaster the inside of my car with "Baby on Board" signs to avoid getting car insurance. But after several accidents and thousands of dollars in damages, I realized people don't really care about invisible babies.

So I created the "I'M ON BOARD" sign just for me. And you. It's time to get On Board in your own car and stop relying on your infant's innocence to save your life. 

Put one on your car, bicycle, tricycle, rowboat, skateboard, snowboard, sail board, or airplane! These signs are held by a suction cup that removes easily from any glass surface. 

AND...If someone accidentally crashes into you, instead of them feeling extra horrible that they are are now a baby killer, the joke will be on them when they realize they are just a regular person killer! Sigh of Relief!

 Get an "I'M ON BOARD" sign as a gift or for yourself. This guaranteed safety device ensures no cars will accidentally hit you!*

*Not guaranteed.

The "I'M ON BOARD" signs are trademarked (by me) in Canada, the US, and Europe. The "I'm On Board" joke is also a trademarked joke. 

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I'M ON BOARD graphic-small.jpg