In his early twenties Geoff realized that earning a reliable salary, casual fridays, and morning conversations about the weather were not for him. He began wandering on to stages and telling funny anecdotes in Ottawa, Canada as a means of avoiding the work world. What began as a hobby has turned! 

His absurd, cerebral observations about toasters, math textbooks, relationships, skydiving and social convention have made him a headlining comic in the Canadian and international comedy scenes. 

He is currently busy with his morning radio show on BOOM FM 99.7 in Ottawa and as the in game stadium host for the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

His night job keeps him busy performing at comedy clubs, festivals, theaters, fundraisers, schools, and corporate shows across Canada. Geoff has performed internationally in the UK, the Culturally Divided States of America, Ukraine, France, Kuwait and China. 

You may have also heard or seen him at the Just For Laughs Festival (Toronto), CBC's Laugh Out Loud, the Canadian Comedy Awards, Comic Vision, Cracking Up the Capital Festival, and the North by Northeast Music Festival. 

Geoff was a member of Team Canada and performed for the Canadian Forces in Kuwait, France, and Ukraine.relationships

Performing on board the HMCS Fredericton in the the south of France. You can see Arlene Dickinson, Tiger Williams, Jeff Orridge (commissioner of the CFL), the Grey Cup, General Whitecross, the Love Locks, Kate Beirness (TSN), CFL players and members of the Canadian Forces havin' a laugh.

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In 2014 Geoff won the Canadian Comedy Awards "Funniest Person in Ottawa" contest.


Listen to Geoff's CBC Laugh out Loud set, heard nation wide on CBC Radio one. 

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(April 26, 2014)


In 2011 while headlining a tour in China Geoff produced the documentary “A Little Trouble in Big China” which examines the challenges of performing stand up comedy for a diverse global audience…and the mayhem of accidentally getting booked to sing at a televised Chinese beauty pageant!



In 2010 he was a top five finalist in XM Radio’s national comedy competition “Canada’s Next Top Comic”. Geoff was a regular on Bite TV’s “Funny Flow”. He also co-hosted and produced the “The Time Travelers Union” radio show which aired on CKCU FM in Ottawa from 2008-2011. 

In 2009 he was handpicked by “Everyday Normal Guy” Jon Lajoie to open his shows at the legendary Cobb’s Comedy club in San Francisco.

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I was born over 10,000 days ago.  As I entered this careening culture known as western civilization I asked the strange man in a white coat who was holding me, “Who are you? And why are you bringing me into this cruel, violent world?”

The boy who trumped a sugar doctor

The boy who trumped a sugar doctor

He smiled, ignored my question completely, and said, “Oh silly…maybe one day if you work really hard, rid yourself of all natural instincts, and jump through the hoops that your new culture has laid out for you … you’ll grow up to be like me! A doctor… whom everyone respects because I can afford to buy cutting edge inventions like “VCR’s”".

Yeah. That sounded good. Aspiring to be a purveyor of more humans on this already over burdened, ecologically strained planet. I knew right away that being a doctor of humans was not my calling. So for the next few years I was tormented with the question every three year old faces….”WHAT DO I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE!!?”

One day, when I was four years closer to my death, I was at a sugar bush making maple syrup with my family. It was a glorious spring day. We followed a junior sugar maker around the forest collecting sap for the purpose of making maple syrup.  He ambled aimlessly while we, the paying patrons, did his dirty work.  I thought, "what a clever ruse by the sugar bush corporate empire; trick middle class people into immigrant slave labour under the guise of family fun”.

At one point the sugar maker, pandering to the group of children (with whom I had been cattled) asked us, “Hey kids…how can you tell which of these trees are maple trees?”. 

Wow. What an idiot. Asking a bunch of CHILDREN this question?!…I mean, c’mon, the guy worked there…  he should have known this!

The “smart” children raised their hands like good little adults and spouted out answers like,

“The tress with the maple leaves are maple trees!” 


“The trees that have sap oozing out are maple trees!”.

They were all so insecure and conditioned to crave the applause and the accolades that followed a correct answer. What an ability these trained seals had… repeating exactly what the sugar maker had said only minutes ago…or “learning” as they proudly called it.

I felt I had the one answer that my contemporary morons obviously missed. With an air of superiority I quipped,

“The ones with the buckets on them are maple trees” and proceeded to file my nails while smugly leaning against a silver maple. 

The crowd of patrons erupted with laughter.  Apparently my accurate remark was hilarious to these simpletons. I then pretended that it was an intentionally witty barb and accepted the high praise reserved the court jester…. But deep down I was mortified.

“That is one funny boy you got there!” one father remarked to my father (who did not see the humour in my brilliant observation).

No one knew how stupid I felt…. and still do.  From that moment on my life path was altered from snooty doctor... to lowly public fool.

And so began… my life as a comic….